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Develop the local economy in regions across Africa by investing in small to large scale privately-held businesses.


To be a trusted partner in the support of new ideas as well as growth of existing profitable businesses.


Invest in existing businesses and start-ups in Africa that will yield high returns as well as benefit the community. To provide both technical and functional support as necessary. To create employment opportunities in communities across Africa


Upon receiving a proposal, we commission a project team that consist of in-house experts or external consultants with specialty in the key areas needed for the project. The team will produce a strategy for engagement and clear path forward for the project.



An omnichannel retail company that enables large businesses to procure foodstuff efficiently from smallholder farmers and consumer goods companies. Foodlocker is currently located and focused on Ibadan city in Oyo, Nigeria.


A digital agricultural platform that is empowering farmers in Nigeria by connecting them with investors for specific farm cultivation. Farmcrowdy operates in 10 states in Nigeria.


An online platform that connects Nigerian investors with opportunities in agriculture, transportation, real estate, education, and energy.

Bruk Oil

A palm kernel processing company with an intention to integrate backwards to palm cultivation as well as forward to downstream CPG development. Bruk Oil Mills is located in Enugu, Nigeria

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